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made in bonaire

Bonaire is a TOP CLASS tourist destination and the #1 location for shore diving. However, we have also; snorkeling, surfing, kite surfing, water sports and maybe most of 'doing nothing'....  Bonaire is a 'green' island and we protect our environment! For this reasons, Bonaire has no industrial activities however, we do have the Salt Works for more than 4 centuries! A clean industry with a pure natural end product. The Salt Works, owned by Cargill, is taking care of this huge area (about 23% of the island!) if it was their own garden..... They are also the best friends with our Caribbean Flamingo! The Flamingo sanctuary right in the middle of the Salt ponds is their 'treasure' and impossible to visit!

So, Bonaire is not famous for local products like Tulips from Amsterdam, Dutch Cheese, Bacardi Rum, etc. etc. but we do have some great products; different types of liquers, a lot of handcrafts, art and more. Most of these products are not grown or manufactured on Bonaire. The most authentic Bonaire products are SALT and Onima Aloe Vera.

The Bonaire Salt Shop is, and was the first shop who is selling most of these real local products. Salt products for the kitchen, gourmet salts, dining table but also salts for the bath and the body. Click here for more gifts and souvenirs

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