Welcome, Bienvenidos in the Bonaire Saltshop

For more than four centuries, we are making salt by evaporating crystal clear seawater surrounding our 'Divers Paradise' Island of Bonaire. Our 'salt people' have a great experience and they know exactly how to create the highest standard of sea salt! The superb quality of our Bonaire Sea Salt is based on the passion of making it, in combination with the quality of the sea water and climate conditions.

Bonaire Sea Salt is a pure and delicious product! Natural, no additives...! Bonaire Sea Salt is the # 1 choice for your kitchen and dining table however, it will be also your first choice for your bath and body products.....

Bonaire is the first BLUE Destination in the Caribbean and we would like to present you our new ....

'Blue Sea Salt' is Sea Salt from a Blue Destination, a new name, a new philosophy.....! 

Why Blue Destination? Because of the authentic products, responsable manufactured in a sustainable economy and with respect for local cultures and natural resources. 

BLUE Sea Salt, exclusively made by Mr. Saltman, only for the Bonaire Saltshop.