Welcome in the Bonaire Saltshop

For more than four centuries, we are making salt by evaporating crystal clear seawater surrounding the Island. Our 'salt people' have a great experience and they know exactly how to create the best sea salt quality of the whole Caribbean? The superb quality of our Bonaire Sea Salt is based on the passion of making it, in combination with the quality of sea water and climate conditions.

Bonaire Sea Salt is a pure, natural and delicious product! Unrefined, no additives....! Bonaire Sea Salt is the # 1 choice for your kitchen and dining table however, it will be also your first choice for your bath and body products too!

To be open soon...... Bonaire Gourmet and Sweetshop!

It is not all salt on Bonaire... We do have also a lot of sweets. Handmade chocolate, rum cakes, delicious cocos and peanut cookies and much more! We keep you update!