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A great collection highly recommended, durable grinder sets by Mr. Saltman. These grinders are suitable for any salt and pepper, but work great with the original Bonaire Sea Salt!


Main features are:

Metal bracket – Help keep those kitchen surfaces clean and tidy by letting the mill rest catch that frustrating surplus salt & pepper debris.

One Touch Button Operation - Ever get caught up in the kitchen with only one hand free?

With just the push of a button, this grinder makes a simplistic choice when cooking in the kitchen.

Adjustable Fine & Coarseness, with easily adjustable coarseness knob located underneath,

enabling a greater assortment of dishes with a varied choice of coarseness on offer.

Bright Light - Struggling to see where exactly your spice is going on the plate?

Are you dining in dimly lit conditions?

The light guides you with where and how much seasoning is being used, to prevent over flavoring.

Ceramic Grinding Mechanism - Not only are you likely to have a better working, longer-lasting grinder compared with metal grinders. Also when grinding more humid spices such as Himalayan Pink Salt orWet Sea Salt, a ceramic mechanism is recommended.

Note: Salt, Peppercorns and Batteries NOT included in set, each mill requires 4/6AA batteries.



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SKU: 200007763:201336100;14:200006151#2pcs metal rack
Mr. Saltman Sea Salt & Pepper Mill-Grinder SET Collection. Electric, Stainless Steel, Ceramic Core and LED light! ReFillable, Adjustable.
$54.49 $60.04

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