High Quality Electric Grinders for Salt and Spices.

We do have different types of grinders and they are ALL refillable! We really care about our environment and like to minimize the 'garbage' we are 'creating' with all the disposable grinders. Grinders have three parts: the bottle with the battery compartment, and the grinder it self. We have four types of bottles, glass, stainless steel, thick acrylic or PET plastic. The grinder tops are specially designed for sea salt and black pepper. Almost all of the electric grinders have a high quality ceramic grinding part, and are adjustable! Clean your grinders once a while, replace the fine salt inside on time for a refill with the original coarse Bonaire Sea Salt! Do not forget to replace the batteries when they are empty! Your grinder may work perfect for at least 3 years, most of them 10 years.