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Common questions about Salt

Type of salts?

Just Salt....

Table Salt

Sea Salt

Kosher Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt

Celtic Sea Salt

Fleur de Sel

Kala Namak

Flake Salt

Black Hawaiian Salt

Red Hawaiian Salt

Smoked Salt

Pickling Salt

Last but not least.....Gourmet Salt

Do you sell only Bonaire Sea Salt?

Only Bonaire Sea Salt?

In which flavors do you sell the Bath Salts?

Colors and flavors of the Bath Salts?

In which flavors do you sell the Salt Scrubs?

Flavors Salt Scrubs

Which Gourmet Salts do you sell?

about Gourmet salt

About Shipping

What shipping methods you are using?

Local Postal Services

Shipping time?

Shipping time......?

Tracking my order?

Tracking orders?

About Payments

What payment methods do you accept?

About Payments.

About us....

Where is your shop?

Direction shop?

Bonaire Products?

What other Bonaire Products do you sell?



T Shirts

Sweets and Cookies

Our famous 'YatuBlu' liquor....

She & Sea.....

Do you have a Sweetshop?

The Sweetshop


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