I am using this saying from Arthur Ashe, because it was my inspiration, about 15 years ago, when I started with the Bonaire Sea Salt....Bonaire is not only known as a Diving Paradise, but also famous for the Sea Salt.

For more than four centuries, we are making salt by evaporating crystal clear seawater surrounding our 'Divers Paradise' Island. Our 'salt people' have a great experience and they know exactly how to create the highest standard of sea salt! The superb quality of our Sea Salt is based on the passion of making it, in combination with the quality of the sea water and climate conditions.

Therefor, Bonaire Sea Salt is a pure and delicious product! Natural, no additives...! It is the # 1 choice for your kitchen and dining table however, it may be also your first choice for your bath and body products.....?

It was precisely this beautiful product that I started with ... Why? Local, Authentic and Nature were (and still are) the right ingredients for my business.. I started designing the packaging, assembling products for our visitors and restaurants, and when the Saltshop was opened in 2013, I became Mister Saltman...

Many visitors to Bonaire are very loyal and interested in local history and culture. For these reasons, I got more and more requests for shipping the Salt products to other countries. However, shipping from a paradise in the Caribbean  .., certainly not easy and more expensive! At the same time, I received more and more requests for 'related' salt products for kitchen and dinner table. So, I needed to find a solution!

I decided to add some 'Store' pages to the webshop, especially for exclusive, new products. You'll find in 'The Store' a great selection of grinders, manual as well as electric/battery.and exclusive 'kitchen gadgets'...

The best part of these NON Salt products is the shipping! Most of them will be shipped direct and FREE within the US. The Salt products from the Saltshop are still shipped from Bonaire with a cost calculated by weight. 

Thank you for visiting and I hope you'll find the products you are looking for? Please, send me a message if you may have any question and or suggestion! 

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Dear valued customers, due to the situation, we (still) not running 100% with our shipping. As you may know, we are using the regular Postal Services to get your packages delivered, however, we need to take some 'hurdles' before we enter the US or Europe. Besides that, we have to deal with inconsistent flight schedules. We do everything possible to get your package delivered, but it will take time....... Please, don't 'run away', we may get back to a more 'normal' situation earlier than we think now! Let me know if you may have any question about ordering or packages which are (still) 'on the move'. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation. Be careful, stay healthy, my best regards, Sjoerd (aka mr. Saltman)